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International RLS Awareness Day

As part of our week of action this RLS awareness day Lyn shares her story about her experience of life with RLS.


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Hi, I often get RLS and have always attributed it to my Parkinson’s as I find my symptoms are helped when taking my PD medication leva-dopa.

Me gusta

Hi Lyn,

Not sure if you have visited the FB Restless Legs Syndrome: RLS-UK page, but just wished to let you know that Valerie Daykin said thank you very much for telling your story of this dreadful affliction of RLS on 23 September. How it controls and dictates our whole lives. She has the awful jumpies, wormies, dreadful cramping of her feet, lower legs and fingers. She added that you really explained how devastating this condition is. Thank you so much for highlighting it.

Me gusta

Thank you so much Lyn for taking part in RLS Awareness Day this way. You made a huge impact especially on the Restless Legs Syndrome FB page as did both Nesta and Val. As you say, "Research, Study and Learn. Keep on keeping on".

Me gusta
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