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RLS-UK Member Walking and Running to raise funds.

Kate says 10 days  to go….48 hour running/walking race In Gloucester August 11th-13th for RLS-UK.
If anyone would kindly 1. donate to RLS-UK . 2. and guess how many miles I will complete. (Remember I am old and crumbling, 68 years old😱). 3. The prize for the person who guesses closest to the distance in miles or km is  a big online hug and the joy of knowing that you are both intuitive and very kind.😂👍GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US RLSers….

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Well done Kate! Congratulations on walking 104 miles in 48 hours. Power to you. My donation has been sent and thank you so much for supporting RLS-UK when you decided to take part in the walk/run.

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