Restless Legs Syndrome: The new Cure? Channel 5, 6th March

Many of you will have seen Channel 5's "Restless Legs Syndrome: Desperate for Help" in April 2017. Following its transmission, we fed your feedback to Channel 5 and the production company.

A new programme "Restless Legs Syndrome: The new Cure?" will be aired on Wednesday, 6th March at 9pm on Channel 5. As we are sure you will appreciate, we are uncomfortable with the title as there is NO cure for RLS. However, we have no control over the title which Channel 5 have assigned to the programme.

RLS-UK was invited to participate in the production of the programme but we declined, primarily because we were told we would have no influence on the content or tone of the programme. The title "The New Cure?' validates this decision as we would never have supported the inference that there may be a cure for RLS.

The last programme was watched by over 750,000 people and we saw a surge in enquiries and visits to our website, which meant a lot of people who had struggled with RLS finally found help. This was a significant positive of the last programme and we hope to see the same when this new programme is transmitted.

We look forward to sharing your feedback with Channel 5 and the production company.