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RLS-UK, a registered charity, is dedicated to helping people who suffer with Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), also known as Willis-Ekbom Disease (WED).


RLS is usually described by those living with the condition as an irresistible and involuntary need to move the legs, although other body parts are also affected, for example the arms.


Many of those living with RLS also experience varying degrees of pain. The condition can cause considerable discomfort during waking hours, particularly when the sufferer is in a relaxed state. However the condition is most acutely experienced in the evening or at night when sufferers are trying to sleep.


RLS often begins in the early evening, when the sufferer is relaxing, perhaps watching television or reading. In many cases it begins when they go to bed. Just as they are beginning to relax the sensations of RLS appear and the sufferer has no choice but to get out of bed to stretch - this can happen many times in one night.


RLS can lead to long sleepless nights and daytime fatigue and invariably impacts on the quality of life of the sufferer, including their employment, and those close to them.


We are here to lend an ear, offer advice and provide a community of people who understand what you are going through.


Please take a moment to 'like' our website and perhaps share it with your friends - there's a strong probability that someone you know has RLS but has never been diagnosed or has failed to recognise the symptoms.


You may also wish to consider joining our charity by completing a membership form under the 'Join Us' menu option. Membership costs £10 per year.



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